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hreflang checker

Select or manually enter a UserAgent string to be used for the requests to your webpage.

Check my hreflangs

In case you are specifying your hreflang connections in your sitemap file, please enter your sitemap URL in this text box.

  • Only the hreflang links for the Page URL you have entered will be pulled from the sitemap.
  • If you enter a sitemap URL, the tool will not check your HTML or response headers for hreflang links but only get them from the provided sitemap.

Important information

Reciprocal hreflang links

Reciprocal hreflang links can (currently) only be checked when the hreflang links are set within the HTML <head> or the HTTP response headers.

About this thing

This tool will get the hreflang connections of a webpage.
By default, we're trying to get hreflang from

  • HTML head
  • HTTP response headers
If you provide a sitemap URL, we will also try and get the hreflang connections from your sitemap file.
Please only provide the sitemap URL if your are specifying your hreflang links in the sitemap.